My work is inspired by the relationships between people, family, and friends. The characters in my paintings are not portraits of real people, though at the same time they seem familiar to the spectator. They are generalized portraits; they really could be anybody. Through the movements of my hands, the characters are shaped and take on a life of their own.
The images carry a meditative mood of calm, but the mind can also be headed onto a touch of loneliness, where everyone is on their own. Perspective shifts play with the viewer’s attention. Landscapes and sceneries are deliberately changed and representations of elements distorted, challenging the idea that the images correspond directly to a particular place in reality, and bringing them closer to a magical reality.
There is space for contemplation and reflection in the recognizable situations and elements of the images. The imagery and shifts bring the viewer to a world where conventional rules are repealed, and where imagination interferes with reality.
Caroline Krabbe - Contemporary Danish Artist Living in Frigiliana, Spain

Caroline Krabbe - Danish Contemporary Visual Artist - Living in South of Spain - Frigiliana

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